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Some Windows 10 phones can also be PCs (just add a display, mouse, and keyboard)

Microsoft is showing off software that could let you use a next-gen Windows Phone as a desktop computer. Windows 10 includes a feature called Continuum that allows the same device to be used in different modes.

Microsoft had previously shown Continuum working on 2-in-1 tablets, allowing apps to switch from notebook to tablet mode when you detach a tablet from its keyboard dock.

Now the company is also showing Continuum on phones: allowing you run Office or other Windows apps on a big screen.
 Just hook up your phone to an external display and connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and your Windows 10 phone becomes a desktop computer.

Universal Windows apps such as Outlook, Word, and Excel can run in a full-screen environment and you can use standard Windows shortcuts such as Ctrl+c or Ctrl+v to copy and paste, or Alt+Tab to switch between apps.

souurce : liliputing

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